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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Jeff Posted - Feb 27 2019 : 10:50:56 PM
If you are reading this post, chances are good you are waiting for a serial number, or you don't know what to do with one.

Serial numbers are sent after review of each purchase by our licensing team, which occurs Mon-Fri, CT (UTC-5), during normal business hours.

Instructions for registering Visual Assist with a serial number, including the requirement for build 2318 or newer, are available at:
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ifisch Posted - Jan 10 2021 : 5:18:12 PM
Is it 1995? Seriously wtf?
sean Posted - Apr 21 2020 : 1:36:06 PM
@CainGodTier Sorry to hear of the trouble. Have you been in contact with the sales dept or the licensing support team (licenses@wholetomato.com)? You can send refund requests to sales@wholetomato.com.
CainGodTier Posted - Apr 21 2020 : 12:59:32 PM
How did the email to register for the forums arrive so fast but I've been waiting 3 days for my Product Registration email. Im getting super frustrated dealing with this process.. YES i checked my spam MULTIPLE TIMES! I really want my money back, this process alone has turned me off of the product.. No one should have to pay for something and work so hard to get it like i didnt already pay.. I need help ASAP
sean Posted - Apr 20 2020 : 1:49:37 PM
@SparkyMcSparks Sorry for the trouble. Please send a message to licenses@wholetomato.com. They will be able to get the account squared up.
SparkyMcSparks Posted - Apr 20 2020 : 11:55:13 AM
Bought a personal license for myself, got the email with key, and then when I go to make an Embarcadero account it says I already have one even though I don't recall making one?

I tried to do a password reset but it doesn't send me an email to the account it says I'm already registered with (I checked spam folder too).
chillywilson Posted - Jan 06 2020 : 4:56:39 PM
I don't see anything in the spam.

I was getting invalid/waiting for approval when registering in VS.
I just check now and it worked, it failed for well over 24 hours.

ChrisG Posted - Jan 06 2020 : 10:00:44 AM
Hello chilly,

Please check your spam folder. Do you see the email you are waiting for there?

If not, are you waiting to be issued a license after purchase?
chillywilson Posted - Jan 06 2020 : 09:42:47 AM
Someone bought me this for Cmas.

This seem like an extremly bad way to get your software out there.
I've done the registration with IDERA and now I'm still waiting for them to approve it.

This is like buying MIDI in the early 2000's where they send the liscence to a thrid party so they can collect your email to send ads for other software.
It would be a better process if we could just use the software we buy, like every software I buy.

If I don't hear back buy the end of this work day, I would like a full refund if that is possible?
Jeff Posted - Mar 21 2019 : 8:24:33 PM
I appreciate your taking time to articulate your feedback. It's excellent.

"Buy" link failing is bug IDERA-17240.

Old VA installation's going dormant is expected, but wouldn't have been necessary if the "Buy" link worked.

Updating via the VS 2017 Update Manager should give you the already-installed message only if you had build 2318, which is the build in the Visual Studio Marketplace. (2318 is one older than the newest.) I'm curious to know what build you had.

I believe that opting out at IDERA pertains also to Whole Tomato Software. (Both are Idera, Inc. companies.) You can opt-out at IDERA using a link in section 11 of our privacy policy. Confirming the relationship is bug IDERA-17485.

Requiring a company for a personal license is bug IDERA-17484.

peterchen Posted - Mar 21 2019 : 4:43:58 PM
Hey Jeff,

Don't get me wrong, but the new purchase and registration process was a pretty shabby experience. Writing you to encourage you to improve

- the "Buy" link from my old VAX installation didn't work: it goes to the web site, but after choosing product and payment method, I get an error about a misconfigured order (sorry, I don't remember the exact wording). Had to go to the home page, and purchase from there

- Wait for the next day. You've heard it often enough by now I guess, but: hey, the nineties want their internet back!

- the old VAX installation (that was expired after having to wait) would only ask for an old-style licence key, go dormant, and give me no ohter option to enter any key

- Updating to the new version through Visual Studio 2017 Update Manager didn't work, installation said the product is already installed. Had to manually uninstall, download and reinstall

- the "Download General Release" requires me to check "I agree to receive Whole Tomato marketing communications via email and phone calls", otherwise I couldn't proceed to the download. I know a few jurisdications where govt legal wants a word with you

- I've been told I can revoke this later "any time". I haven't found where. Please advise.

- Having to create an account and IDERA. I now require two accounts for using your product - one for the forums, one for the purchase. I am not trying to enter Fort Knox. Let it be known that both user names and passwords are now in a text file on my desktop.

- In the whole process, I had to enter first name, last name, email, and country three times: to purchase, to download, and to register the IDERA account.

- Oh, each time I had to enter my company, too. Right after explicitely confirming that the product I chose is for personal use.

Contrary to appearance, I **do** have better things to do than complain here. That's 20 minutes of my sleep lost like tears in the rain etc. I want you to know how your product right now looks from the outside, and I need you to know that it's not just the wait time.

If I wasn't a long term user - who, let's be honest here, wouldn't get a line of code written because of VAX widhdrawal - If I were a new user, you'd already have lost me. It felt like we had a date, but you sent you smelly uncle to cover for you.


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