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 what does VAssist do with Ctrl-Y

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
bins Posted - Sep 15 2019 : 5:10:50 PM
I'm using vsvim and have an issue with Ctrl-Y when Visual Assist is enabled. If I disable Visual Assist Ctrl-Y works as expected - in insert mode it copies characters from the line above. Ctrl-E always works (copies from below) but when Visual Assist is enabled Ctrl-Y does nothing.

I have nothing mapped to Ctrl-Y in tools->customize->keyboard nor in the Visual Assist keyboard mapping dialog.


Visual Assist version is quite old ...

License: xxxxxxxxxx (6-user license) Support ends 2018.05.15
VA_X.dll file version 10.9.2270.0 built 2018.04.30
DevEnv.exe version 15.9.28307.586 Community
msenv.dll version 15.0.28307.421
Comctl32.dll version 6.10.18362.10012
Windows 10 10.0 Build 18362.10012
8 processors (x86-64, WOW64)
Language info: 1252, 0x409

Platform: Project defined
Stable Includes:

Other Includes:

Stable Source Directories:

18   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
feline Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 1:48:27 PM
I would not expect VA to capture Ctrl-Y unless it was mapped in the IDE keyboard shortcuts settings. Have you tried to work out where keyboard shortcuts are captured inside the extension?

I don't see why VA being active should stop the keyboard shortcut from registering, but I haven't looked at any of the code myself.
bins Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 07:23:54 AM
It's not mapped - worth double checking though
feline Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 07:01:00 AM
Yes, vsvim, but the same point applies to viemu as well

In your IDE settings:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard

have you looked to see if Ctrl-Y is mapped to anything? It is possible it is not reaching vsvim since the IDE is capturing it. On my system Ctrl-Y is mapped to "Edit.Redo" with global scope. Removing this key mapping might change what happens for you.
bins Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 06:34:24 AM

yeah - it's just I get the impression that somehow vsvim never even sees the ctrl-y

I changed the impl of ctrl-y in the vsvim code to do what ctrl-E does, and that also didn't work. A somewhat blunt-edged test I know (my f-sharp/vsix debugging skills are 0) but to me that looks like va is intercepting ctrl-y and never passing it on

ps I assume you mean vsvim (not viemu)


feline Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 06:29:21 AM
I found the same thing in my testing. But remember, both VA and viemu are trying to "change" how the IDE works, and on occasion moving the caret around due to inserting text that you have not directly typed into the editor. Plenty of room for conflicts, sad to say.
bins Posted - Sep 17 2020 : 03:05:56 AM
I suppose this is obvious but ctrl-y _does_ work when I'm not editing a source file (eg a .txt file)
bins Posted - Sep 16 2020 : 10:14:10 AM
heh yeah I do/did actually have a license for viemu but found that vsvim played a bit better with vax, + development on it seemd to have stopped.

I _can_ make do without ctrl-Y - it's not like that's the only thing I miss in vsvim compared to real vim

feline Posted - Sep 16 2020 : 09:58:44 AM
Thank you for checking this. I have updated our bug report with this information.

For now, if you want to try and figure out what is going on in ViVim, it seems that the VA compatibility code is found here:


and our developers have wondered if full VA compatibility was removed at some point.

As an alternative, have you considered trying ViEmu


I have just checked, and Ctrl-Y is working correctly in insert mode with ViEmu in VS2019 and VA 2389.
bins Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 6:10:32 PM
Ok it is detecting VS2019, and returning VANet16 from GetRegistryKeyName(VisualStudioVersion version)

bins Posted - Sep 14 2020 : 07:51:38 AM

yeah I can do that

feline Posted - Sep 14 2020 : 07:28:29 AM
Looking at the notes our developers made, this is one of the changes that they submitted to VSVim, are you able to add some logging to your compiled version of VSVim to make sure that the registry key check is correctly picking up the fact that VA has been installed?

bins Posted - Sep 10 2020 : 4:30:44 PM
Latest vsvim built from source still has the problem.

ctrl-E works, ctrl-Y doesn't - cursor doesn't even move

bins Posted - Sep 10 2020 : 06:43:37 AM
Ok I'll try building from the latest sources

feline Posted - Sep 10 2020 : 06:39:46 AM
We have looked at this, but its not quite clear where the problem is coming from. Both VA and VSVim are updating the IDE, so need to cooperate with each other, and any other extensions that are also altering how the IDE might work.

One of our developers did submit a code change to VSVim to try and fix the problem, but this was around the same time as the last release of VSVim. Have you tried building VSVim from source code, to see if this makes any difference? I am wondering if the changes made it into the current release of VSVim.
bins Posted - Sep 09 2020 : 11:26:51 AM
Nearly a year's gone by ...

is there any chance this will be looked at?

fwiw Ctrl+E works fine (does the same thing but from the line below)

bins Posted - Sep 16 2019 : 6:02:55 PM
Originally posted by accord

Is this the only shortcut where you're experiencing compatibility problem with Visual Assist?

As far as I'm aware yes

accord Posted - Sep 16 2019 : 03:57:27 AM
Is this the only shortcut where you're experiencing compatibility problem with Visual Assist?
accord Posted - Sep 16 2019 : 03:55:15 AM
I was able to reproduce the problem using VSVim + VAssistX + VS2019. I see you're using VS2017.

I have put in a bug report for this:


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