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 significant performance issues vs16.4.3

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
CFowler Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 06:36:32 AM
hello we are running VS16.4.3 and when users use VA they are finding it will lock up for 15-20 seconds and feel unusable at times.

Now we have 7 platforms we deliver on with 2600 lines of just project configuration variants. So we understand we are pushing the limits.

But I did a recent clean reinstall of vs2019 without VA and my responsiveness is very quick without issues. The biggest hangs were on right clicking properties folders, compiling and running.

Do you have any debug or logging we could turn on to help ascertain how we should approach this issue?


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feline Posted - Oct 19 2020 : 05:58:50 AM
I have replied via email, since this is also being discussed there, to try and keep everything in one place.
CFowler Posted - Oct 19 2020 : 04:50:46 AM
any updates on this issue? It's still very much a problem?

If you right click with VAX or try to run it is very slow to respond.

What is actually running when you right click? as nothing seems to be generated in the right click context menu so just wondering why it runs at all at that point?

Same Question for starting debug
CFowler Posted - Sep 23 2020 : 01:03:05 AM
Files have been uploaded to case_142886
feline Posted - Sep 21 2020 : 12:11:41 PM
email has been sent, case=142886
CFowler Posted - Sep 20 2020 : 5:58:51 PM
Sure can you DM me the details for the FTP happy to provide whatever we need to help solve this.
ChrisG Posted - Sep 20 2020 : 03:32:46 AM
Would you be able to provide logs or a minidump of the issue? We can provide FTP credentials you can use to share a dump with us.
CFowler Posted - Sep 19 2020 : 06:08:42 AM
Here are two extra captures. one for right clicking the project to open properties and the other debugging through pressing F5

CFowler Posted - Sep 18 2020 : 5:49:55 PM
in our game solution we have 7 platforms active platforms in the solution but the actual number of projects in the vcxproject has 820 variants of config|platform and 6000 lines of includes for files. Its a HUGE project.

When I don't run with VAX it runs without any pauses and when I add VAX we get 10-15 of unresponsive behavior right clicking properties of the vcxproject or when trying to build and run. I was interested in trying out that version you mentioned where you fixed it for these types of projects and I was curious of why it was regressed?

One of our engineers pulled a capture during a hang and got this.

feline Posted - Sep 16 2020 : 07:10:23 AM
When you mention 2600 lines of project configuration variants, is this in your SLN or your VCXPROJ file, or both?

I have just been looking into a separate performance problem where the VCXPROJ file had several thousand lines of project configuration lines, much more than you are reporting, but I am wondering if there is some possible overlap. When the IDE "locks up" is it just slow, or does the main window title bar get updated with "(Not Responding)" until the hang has resolved its self? In the problem case I am thinking of this would happen at times:

CFowler Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 7:46:16 PM
16.4.3 atm but I am looking to change to 16.7.3 soon but we have a bunch of codegen bugs I need to go through before I can submit it. I'll try the above links description for VA perf
ChrisG Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 08:45:52 AM
One more note. Before you attempt to reproduce the issue, it would be best if you allowed the initial parse to complete. If your codebase is exceptionally large it will take several minutes. You can tell the parse is complete when no more parsing messages appear in the status bar at the bottom of the Visual Studio window.
ChrisG Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 08:42:52 AM
Also, just to double check, you do mean Visual Studio version 16.4.3 and not 16.7.3 correct?
ChrisG Posted - Sep 15 2020 : 08:35:29 AM

I am sorry you are having this issue.

Yes, we do have logging. Please close all instances of Visual Studio, then enable logging using the registry setting described here.

Then, start Visual Studio and reproduce the issue. Once finished, close Visual Studio, collect the logs and send them to support@wholetomato.com.

The triggers for the issue are surprising. Would you be willing to submit a minidump of the hang?

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