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 Syntax highlighting colors for VS dark theme

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Aquarius Posted - Jan 12 2021 : 08:09:08 AM
Hello everybody.

I messed up something in VA settings so syntax highlighting doesn't adapt to Visual Studio theme change anymore. It's stuck with light theme and doesn't change syntax highlighting to warmer colors when I switch to dark theme. Can you please post a screenshot of VA "Coloring and Attributes" window with the default colors for the dark Visual Studio theme ?
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feline Posted - May 04 2021 : 07:31:31 AM
I have just emailed you the IDE settings file:

Bidonjour Posted - May 02 2021 : 6:43:55 PM
Hello, can I also get a copy of the settings file, because I'm also experiencing the same issue. Fresh install of Visulat Studio 2019, no custom them installed.
feline Posted - Mar 05 2021 : 11:44:29 AM
Email sent to your forum email address

feline Posted - Mar 05 2021 : 11:39:52 AM
I will email you. As a first step, assuming you haven't customised your IDE colours to much, can you please try pressing the button:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors -> Use Defaults

and see if this helps? This fixed the last version of this problem I saw, but that was with the IDE's default Dark theme.
sosedada Posted - Mar 05 2021 : 10:03:37 AM
Can I get a copy of the settings file, because I seem to be experiencing this.

I recently disabled VAx trying to determine why VS was crashing. After reenabling it, my colors are stuck in light mode even though the VA dialog shows the proper colors.
feline Posted - Feb 25 2021 : 11:50:36 AM
To reset to the defaults, you can just press the button:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors -> Use Defaults

the "problem" is that I assumed that this was caused by VA not correctly detecting your dark theme, which is what it looks like, but is not actually what was happening. If I had thought that this was triggered by colours being set, I would have started here. Knowing the exact trigger makes this easier to fix.
Shambler Posted - Feb 24 2021 : 5:21:44 PM
Thanks for looking into that - it was a clean install, so I've no idea what could have caused that myself, either.

I guess I'd suggest adding a 'reset' button to the VAX options somewhere, which resets highlighting based on current colour theme - regardless of VS settings - just so that if other users encounter this issue, there's an immediate fix.
feline Posted - Feb 23 2021 : 11:44:36 AM
After a bit of digging, I know why your settings file is causing this problem, but I don't know where the problem came from.

In your settings file the light background colours for VA's main items, class, method, variable, etc, are directly set. Since they are set, VA is not changing them when the theme changes.

When I do a clean install of VA and then export my settings, with either dark or light theme set, these VA colours are not set, leaving VA free to set them as the theme changes.

No idea why your system ended up like this though, but hopefully the settings file I sent you will fix this for you.
feline Posted - Feb 19 2021 : 08:39:38 AM
I have the settings file, thank you for this. I am seeing exactly the same problem with your IDE settings, even though the IDE options dialog reports that you are using the Dark theme. Very strange.

For now, importing the VA dark colour settings file fixes the VA colours for me here, hopefully it also works for you. This should be a solid work around, while I try and work out what is going wrong here.
Shambler Posted - Feb 18 2021 : 1:23:09 PM
Thanks - I've emailed the settings directly there now, too.
feline Posted - Feb 18 2021 : 06:35:19 AM
I have emailed you a VS2019 settings file that only contains VA's colours for a dark theme. In theory importing this settings file will fix the problem for you.

I have also included my direct email address, if you could please email me your problem settings, I can try them here, and see if I can understand why VA is having this problem on your system.
feline Posted - Feb 16 2021 : 12:54:18 PM
I think something is wrong with our support email, apologies for this, I am looking into this now. It looks like sending works fine, but not receiving.

So thank you for reporting you sent email, it prompted me to try emailing support myself.
Shambler Posted - Feb 16 2021 : 10:15:21 AM
Thanks - I got that, and replied with the Google Drive link - and a second time with the file directly attached.
feline Posted - Feb 16 2021 : 08:44:22 AM
Apparently emailing via the forum isn't currently working, I am going to ask about this.

For now, I have just emailed you, at the email address your forum account is registered with. The email is from support@wholetomato.com and has the subject:

Re: (Case 144419) Syntax highlighting colors for VS dark theme forum thread

hopefully you will receive this email and we can start looking at this properly for you.
Shambler Posted - Feb 15 2021 : 3:08:09 PM
I didn't seem to get a reply - maybe the email got rejected, due to 7z attachment? I've put it on Google Drive now, and emailed the link to you through the forum email button.
feline Posted - Feb 15 2021 : 05:49:17 AM
I am not seeing any sign of it, even when searching for this string.

When you email support@wholetomato.com you should get an automated reply, telling you which case number the email was assigned. Did you get the reply? If so, what case number did the email get assigned? I can use this number to get directly to the email.
Shambler Posted - Feb 13 2021 : 12:15:47 PM
Ya, I sent that as email topic "VS Settings - Topic 19103".
feline Posted - Feb 12 2021 : 08:45:04 AM
Have you sent in your settings? I am not seeing anything obvious in the support emails, but I might be missing them. What case number should I be looking for?
Shambler Posted - Feb 12 2021 : 06:57:22 AM
Yes, I've restarted it a number of times - it consistently stays the wrong colour.
feline Posted - Feb 11 2021 : 12:34:41 PM
I have been looking at themes due to a different bug report, and VA's default colours should just work, but obviously something is going wrong here.

Unfortunately the VsThemeColorBehavior that you have used won't help here, since this does not effect VA's default colours, which is why it hasn't helped you.

Have you restarted the IDE since installing VA? I assume you must have, when setting the registry key, but I just wanted to double check.
Shambler Posted - Feb 11 2021 : 07:57:19 AM
I've sent that there, now. I'm using the built in dark theme, as selected during install of VS2019 community.

There's no other theme extension, it's a fresh install of VS2019, with VAX being the first thing installed on top of it - hadn't even started tweaking VS settings to my liking, post-install.
feline Posted - Feb 08 2021 : 09:35:08 AM
Can you please export your VA and IDE settings and send them to me:

VA Options -> Performance -> Export Settings
IDE tools menu -> Import and Export Settings -> Export selected environment settings

Please send me the files via email:


including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.

I can then import them here and see what I get. Especially after setting the registry key, VA should be doing this correctly.

Are you using the built in Dark theme, or a custom dark theme, perhaps via another extension that allows for custom themes?
Shambler Posted - Feb 08 2021 : 07:27:35 AM
Fresh install of latest VS2019 Community in dark mode and latest VAX uses light theme syntax highlighting - even after I delete all the VANet16 registry settings - even after I set the registry key here to '2' and '4':

Light VAX theme in a dark VS theme is, of course, very difficult to read - so a bit unfortunate that it seems to default to that on install.
feline Posted - Jan 12 2021 : 11:54:16 AM
If restarting and then changing the IDE theme to Blue, or Light, and then back to Dark after accepting the change, doesn't help, can you try looking at:

IDE tools menu -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors -> Display items = VA Method

and see if there is a sensible colour as the Default colour in the pull down list for the item foreground. If so, then setting the VA colour entries to the default item should be a reasonably fast fix.

Here are the main colours, to help get you going:

feline Posted - Jan 12 2021 : 11:12:58 AM
Have you tried restarting the IDE, to see if this helps?

Which IDE and version of VA are you using?

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