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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Kaidoom Posted - Nov 01 2021 : 5:05:27 PM
I have this weird issue where the suggestion list appears at the top left when I start typing, this happens 50% of the time when I open a project and doesn't solve itself, If I disable visual assist the normal intellisence suggestion list looks normal but enabling again brings back the issue.

I'm using visual studio 2022 Preview 7
Latest VA update.

Any suggestions ? Thank you.

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feline Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 09:22:41 AM
Which IDE and version of VA are you using?

Are you seeing this all of the time, or does there seem to be any form of pattern to this bug?
KyleTomato Posted - Dec 09 2021 : 6:37:50 PM
I have the same problem ,
ViniestJester Posted - Nov 24 2021 : 07:02:45 AM
Yeah the issue doesn't occur after updating to VAX 2021.5. Thanks to everyone!
feline Posted - Nov 24 2021 : 06:16:46 AM
Thank you for the update, excellent news, really glad this has helped so much!
jorenjoestar Posted - Nov 23 2021 : 4:11:39 PM
Hello there, the new version of VAX (2440_0) fixes all my problem on Visual Studio 2022.
So a big THANK YOU! :)
feline Posted - Nov 23 2021 : 12:01:01 PM
Does installing the latest version of VA, 2021.5, make any difference?

Do you have any other extensions installed?
ChrisG Posted - Nov 22 2021 : 4:56:19 PM
This is fixed in build 2021.5, which was released today.

ViniestJester Posted - Nov 22 2021 : 4:53:09 PM
I have VS2017 installed. I created 2 default Windows Desktop projects, one in VS2017 and other in VS2022 with the same trial version of VAX.
I don't see the issue happen in VS2017 after opening the project multiple times after the first creation, but it did occur in the VS2022.
The first creation of the project doesn't seem to cause the issue in either of the versions.
feline Posted - Nov 22 2021 : 08:13:55 AM
The fact that this is very nearly every time is interesting, and hopefully helpful for testing this problem.

Can you please try making a new, default solution, to see if this is somehow a solution specific problem?

Do you have VS2019 installed as well? Or even an earlier version of the IDE? I am just wondering if this is IDE version specific as well, or not.
ViniestJester Posted - Nov 20 2021 : 06:13:30 AM
I'm using VS2022 with the current trial version of VAX. As for the frequency it happens almost every time. Rebuilding the symbol database only fixes it for that particular session, only worked a couple of times without having to rebuild the database.
feline Posted - Nov 18 2021 : 05:36:23 AM
Working better is excellent news, long may it continue!

Obviously if, although we hope not, this ever comes back again I am here to offer as much help and support as I am able to.
sosedada Posted - Nov 17 2021 : 12:47:33 PM
At this moment in time, everything is working correctly. I'll try to get a minidump later. Gotta crank out some code :)
feline Posted - Nov 17 2021 : 12:25:09 PM
Are you still working in VS2019? A crashing IDE is very serious, obviously, and needs to be looked at!

Are you able to get a mini dump from the VS2019 crash? If you are not sure how to do this, this page explains how:


In VS2022, do you mean that code inspection is working correctly, scanning your code and reporting suggestions? Or do you mean that you are back go getting the error message about it not working on solution load?
sosedada Posted - Nov 17 2021 : 11:29:47 AM
Solution U re-manifested the bug after upgrading to VS 2022 17.0.1. Solution E has survived a few restarts and still has inspections.

Attempting to option Solution U in VS 2019 now crashes, which is neat. Good thing I like 2022 so much more. Getting tired of deleting .vs folders :)

Restarting Solution U in 2022 is now properly showing the code completion prompt. *shrug*
feline Posted - Nov 17 2021 : 07:11:43 AM
Somehow I am not surprised, this seemed almost to easy.

On the solution that is still showing the error, is this every time, or does it seem random?

Is this VS2019 or VS2022? I am wondering about testing with a second profile, but that currently requires VS2019, so the IDE version matters.
sosedada Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 8:43:35 PM
I installed the new release of VS and after restart one of my solutions showed the error and the other didn't. So, deleting the .vs doesn't seem to be a permanent fix.
feline Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 11:17:04 AM
Thank you for the update. This seems to confirm that a problem with the IDE intellisense symbol database (or related files) is the cause of the problems you are seeing.

It is possible the problem will stay fixed, or it might come back with time.

I am more than happy to look at the parsing problems with you, but probably best in a new thread, for ease

Can anyone else who is seeing the code inspection error on startup also try deleting (renaming to be extra safe) the .vs folder and see if this fixes the problem for you as well?
sosedada Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 09:59:32 AM
Deleting the .vs directory seems to resolve the popup dialog location and the error at startup. Inspections are also functional (except some parsing failures, but that's another story)
sosedada Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 09:37:45 AM
I've seen it on a 186 project c++, c++/cli, and c# solution, another 266 projects solution but with different proportions (mostly c#). Rebuilding symbol database did not help (nor clearing cache).

A fresh checkout of the first solution did not show the error and is successfully inspecting.
feline Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 09:28:14 AM
Thank you for testing that. I didn't really expect that result, so that's interesting.

Which language or languages does your main solution use?
How many projects does the solution contain?

Does triggering a VA symbol database rebuild have any effect on this?

VA Options -> Performance -> Rebuild symbol databases

this will take a couple of minutes when you load your solution, possibly longer if you have a very large solution or number of stable include directories. I would not expect this to help, but it might.

If you use a Windows File Explorer window to look in the directory where your .SLN file lives you should see a ".vs" folder. This folder contains the IDE symbol database from IDE intellisense.

If you close the IDE, and then rename (to be safe) this directory and then load your solution again, does this have any effect? I have occasionally seen a corrupt IDE symbol database cause strange problems, so its worth testing.
sosedada Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 09:23:37 AM
Creating a new console application does not error and inspections work after enabling. Continues to work after restart.
feline Posted - Nov 16 2021 : 08:01:48 AM
Thank you for the update, so not OS specific, that's good to know.

Are you getting this error every time you load VS2022? It sounds like you are. If so, can you please try making a new, default C++ solution and see if you get the same error when loading the test solution? I doubt that this error is solution specific, and it definitely seems to be random for some users, so if you are seeing this every time that should make it quite a lot easier to study and try to make sense of.
sosedada Posted - Nov 15 2021 : 12:58:11 PM
I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise 19042 and also see this issue.

I haven't flushed anything since upgrading from VS2019 to VS2022, so perhaps that's the issue, and my projects are all fairly old. I've seen this since the first time I installed 2435.

Code Inspections do not work, after re-enabling them in the options dialog. Just silent failure.
feline Posted - Nov 15 2021 : 12:50:10 PM
When you get the package error, can you see if Code Inspection still works correctly, or if it is no longer working?

If you are seeing the VaCodeInspectionsPackage error, which OS are you using? I have another report of this problem under Windows 11, so I am trying to work out if the OS could be a factor. So far no success in triggering this error here, so I am not sure what the trigger might be.
FrozenInMTL Posted - Nov 15 2021 : 10:07:42 AM
Thanks! We can safely ignore the VaCodeInspectionsPackage error?
ChrisG Posted - Nov 11 2021 : 6:04:35 PM
I wouldn't say safely. The error could cause issues such as Code Inspections failing to work.
FrozenInMTL Posted - Nov 11 2021 : 5:46:09 PM
Thanks! We can safely ignore the VaCodeInspectionsPackage error?
ChrisG Posted - Nov 11 2021 : 5:34:56 PM
Yes, please try unchecking the following in the Visual Assist options dialog. This will disable our suggestion lists and should restore the normal UI position.

Workaround: Extensions > VAssistX > Visual Assist Options... > Suggestions > Enable in C++ (Uncheck)
FrozenInMTL Posted - Nov 11 2021 : 5:11:59 PM
By any chance do you have a workaround for this?
ChrisG Posted - Nov 11 2021 : 12:51:35 PM
I was able to reproduce the issue and have opened case 146405 to get this looked at. Thank you everyone for making reports of the problem.

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