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 VS crash when using VA Outline

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Tino89 Posted - Apr 21 2022 : 11:41:11 AM
Hi there,
I am having issues with the VA Outline.
It took me a while to figure out what exactly triggers the freeze, but it seems to be related on the ratio of the number of symbols in the function-name / parameters and the with of the VA Outline panel.

Having a very large line of text compared to the panelWidth causes my VS to freeze on hovering over the name in VA Outline. Widening the panel fixes this issue..

I could recreate this problem with the following example:

#include <iostream>

namespace shortNames
	int sum(int a, int b) { return a + b; }

namespace longNames
	int sum(const int numberA, const int numberB, const int numberC, const int numberD, const int numberE, const int numberF, const int numberG, const int numberH, const int numberI)
		return numberA + numberB + numberC + numberD + numberE + numberF + numberG + numberH + numberI;

int main()
	std::cout << shortNames::sum(4, 5) << std::endl;
	std::cout << longNames::sum(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) << std::endl;

Just hovering over the longNames::sum(...) in VA Outline directly freezes VS.

It's hard to screenshot a crash, but this is the "small" layout that causes crash:

And widening the panel like this prevents the crash (but I don't want to have it that wide):

Now I'm just curious, if this happens to everyone, or is something special on my settings/setup that causes this issue.
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feline Posted - Apr 25 2022 : 11:07:54 AM
Thank you for the update, it is good to know this is an option for you. I have put this down as a fairly major bug, since it is very easy to trigger if you work with multiple monitors with different DPI settings, which isn't that uncommon. I would definitely like to see this fix as well.
Tino89 Posted - Apr 25 2022 : 10:54:48 AM
Thanks for the response!
Using the same DPI is okay for me now.
feline Posted - Apr 25 2022 : 10:33:48 AM
Thank you, incredibly easy to trigger once you know the trigger conditions:


Is setting all of your monitors to the same DPI an option? Probably not the best work around, when one of them is a 4k monitor. If so, a different placement of the VA Outline window seems the best suggestion to avoid triggering this by accident.
Tino89 Posted - Apr 24 2022 : 8:58:49 PM
I did further tests and found a more detailed problem description :>

I tried different panel positions in the VS layout and also a floating panel. The freeze (not responding) happened just, if the VA Outline is on the right side of the screen!

Test: VS on different screens:
(left-, center- and right monitor -- the center monitor is 4k and extended to the left and right on 1440p monitors)
VS on the right screen -> everything worked perfectly fine! So no freeze, if there is no further screen to the right where the tooltips could expand to..

... so further tooltip testing ...

Next test: every monitor to 1440p, so no height-differences AND every monitors display scaling to 100% (windows display settings) -> WORKED -> everything is as it should be.
Next test: every monitor to 1440p, BUT different scaling (100% and 125%) -> VS freezes again... -> maybe it's not the resolution
Next test: main monitor again 4k, right monitor 1440p and both on 100% -> WORKED

The problem seems to occur, just if the tooltips draw-call paints one tooltip across 2 monitors with different display-scale settings in windows.
VA Outline has a "tooltip" flag in the right-click menu. But this setting just deactivates 1 of two tooltips.
In my case there is one tooltip with the function name/parameters and one with a code preview. (see pic)
The first one still appears after switching Outline tooltips off. And just the first one is the problematic one, the code preview tooltip always just renders on one screen...

If both tooltips belong to VA, then I guess this problem should be reproducible and easy to fix by limiting the first tooltip just to one screen, like the second one?

I hope, this unusual kind of debugging was helpful.

Have a nice day,

PS: please tell me you can reproduce my freezes, otherwise I have no idea anymore

Tino89 Posted - Apr 22 2022 : 08:36:00 AM
I just put a short clip of it on YouTube (not public) to show the problem:


Just hovering over the function makes VS unresponsive (can't click anything and VS menus do not recognize mouse over -> see video)
I am using Windows 10 and VA 2443.0. but it happened also on previous versions of VA.
The problem occurs in VS22 and VS19. In VS17 it seems to work fine (but I don't know, whether I have exactly the same installs (packages/sdk's) for all VS versions installed)

My screen resolution is 4k with a scaling of 125% (have not tried different settings yet).
I have another screen on the right with a different resolution and one of the tooltips when hovering over the functions in VA Outline display partly on the main screen and partly on the other screen.
This also happens in VS17, so I guess that's not the problem, but I want to mention it.
feline Posted - Apr 22 2022 : 06:12:23 AM
Strange, but thank you for putting together a very clear description of the problem trigger.

So far no sign of any problems here, testing both VS2019 and VS2022 with VA 2443.0. Testing under Windows 10, with several different widths of VA Outline, from wider than you had, down to quite a bit narrower.

When you say freezes, does the IDE just pause for a few seconds, or does the title bar get updated with (Not Responding) by Windows?

Do you have keyboard focus in the editor window, VA Outline, or somewhere else, when you see this problem?

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