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 Visual Studio 16.9.3 Replace All slowdown

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
KRG Posted - Apr 03 2021 : 11:45:18 AM
So it seems with the latest VS update, the find and replace all in a single file is unbearable slow due to VAX. Disabling VAX bring performance back to what is expected.

Repro is simply, just open a largish code file, hit ctrl-h and try replace all occurrences of some text.

I took a quick profile and this is what I'm seeing:

Thousands of calls to: WholeTomatoSoftware.VisualAssist.NavBar.VaCodeWindowMargin.OnWindowPositionChanged - each taking 1ms

I would upload a screenshot from the profile capture but I cant seem to upload images to this forum.

Can you please fix this?

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KRG Posted - Nov 23 2022 : 1:22:13 PM
It's not a matter of it appearing, it's that after I pasted, I have some severe lag for several seconds. I'll try to make profile today and see what's going on.
feline Posted - Nov 21 2022 : 11:57:04 AM
Thank you for the update, its certainly possible then that the update has had an effect here. For the advanced clipboard, you mean Ctrl-Shift-V for the clipboard history? Assuming you do, how many items do you have this set to show? The menu is appearing instantly for me in VS2022 17.4.0 with VA 2463.0

The clipboard history menu is still appearing instantly for me now I have upgraded to VS2022 17.4.1

This is with the menu set to show 10 items, in case that matters.
KRG Posted - Nov 21 2022 : 11:08:52 AM
So after updating to 17.4.1, I cant reproduce the issue. I'm now getting a general slowdown when using the advanced clipboard from VAX but I need to verify if that actually is a VAX issue or just VS. The 17.4 release has had some issues.
feline Posted - Nov 17 2022 : 11:01:35 AM
Our developer with the high refresh rate monitor is also running the latest Windows 11, so its not as simple as the OS. For profiling this, can you please try the following, perhaps in addition to superliminal, which I am not familiar with:

- have an instance of visual studio running which you can reproduce in, sounds like any and all instances
- start a separate instance of visual studio
- start debug > performance profiler
- choose running process as your target, and select the first devenv.exe process you will reproduce in
- check cpu usage under available tools
- click start
- reproduce the issue for several seconds in the other ide
- click stop collection
- optionally note the start and stop times of your reproduction so we can narrow our search
- save the diagnostic report using file > save *.diagsession as...

can you please upload the result, which should be quite a large file, and post or send the link. If you don't want to post it here, just in case it contains any sensitive information, please send me the link via:

[email protected]

including this thread ID or URL in the description, so we can match it up.
KRG Posted - Nov 17 2022 : 10:43:46 AM
I'm on the latest Win11, latest VS and latest VAX. I'll try to do a superluminal capture and figure out what VAX calls are causing the issue
feline Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 11:57:15 AM
We are currently unable to reproduce this ourselves, which is not helpful. Previously we had no problems reproducing this here.

Which OS are you using?

Did you find time to test this in a test profile? I am wondering if somehow this could be profile specific, which would suggest there is another factor at work here, which would explain why we are having problems reproducing this here.
KRG Posted - Nov 16 2022 : 10:35:33 AM
Any update on this? It's been over 4 months and it's still an issue.
feline Posted - Sep 19 2022 : 12:38:28 PM
It is possible you saw the problem with an older version of VA. This was definitely a bug that we were able to reproduce and fixed, but since I don't have a high refresh rate monitor I cannot directly test this myself.

For a keyboard shortcut, you can map a keyboard shortcut to the command:


not quite the same, but it should help a bit.

Since you are using VS2019 can you please try closing all open instances of the IDE and then running the command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" /RootSuffix VATest

this will create and load a new, default profile for Visual Studio, so you will be asked which basic settings you want to use, and you should only have the standard, default IDE extensions installed. Visual Assist will not be installed into this profile, so you will need to go into the dialog:

IDE Extensions menu -> Manage Extensions

and install Visual Assist from the online extension store, to install VA for this test profile.

To load your normal, default profile just load the IDE normally. To return to this test profile again, pass the /RootSuffix command line switch when loading the IDE. You can run both profiles at the same time, next to each other. In VS2019 and VS2022 the profile name will be shown just under the close button, in the top right hand corner of the main IDE window. If you export your IDE settings from your main profile you can them import them into the test profile.

Do you still see this problem in the test profile, or is it fixed? Are any of your other extensions showing up in the test profile? This doesn't normally happen, but it is possible.
superzmy Posted - Sep 17 2022 : 04:44:48 AM
if we cant solve this problem. Please give us a shortcut key or a icon button to hide and reopen the navibar.
superzmy Posted - Sep 17 2022 : 04:39:35 AM
Viasfora VisualGDB
But in my mind, Slowing down had happend before I install these plugin last year.
feline Posted - Sep 12 2022 : 05:53:27 AM
So far we have not been able to reproduce this here. superzmy, which version of VA and the IDE are you using?

Do you have any other extensions installed, or are you running any utilities that might effect how the screen is being updated? I am just wondering if there is something else that is required to trigger this along side VA.
superzmy Posted - Sep 10 2022 : 12:46:24 AM
It seems that when there are multi tags and split windows, "ctrl h(quick replace)" and "ctrl shift f(both search and replace)" are slow down according to the count ( when vax navi bar is visible ).
feline Posted - Aug 10 2022 : 05:40:18 AM
Thank you for confirming that, definitely the same problem, I have re-opened the bug report:

KRG Posted - Aug 09 2022 : 2:10:55 PM
Yup, it's the navigation bar that's causing it!

Seems it really is the same as before.
feline Posted - Aug 09 2022 : 05:36:35 AM
Thank you for checking this. I don't personally have a high refresh rate monitor, so I cannot test this directly, which is unhelpful. Can you please try turning Off

VA Options -> Display -> Display VA Navigation Bar:

and see if this fixes the problem while you have the high refresh rate? This was part of the problem last time, which is covered by:


so I wanted to see if this was caused by the same trigger, to know if I should re-open this bug report or raise a new bug report for this.
KRG Posted - Aug 08 2022 : 3:20:39 PM
It is the refresh issue once again. Setting it to 60 resolves it.
feline Posted - Aug 08 2022 : 07:17:53 AM
Are you able to try altering your monitor refresh rate to see if this is actually a factor? It is possible something else is triggering this problem for you this time.
KRG Posted - Aug 06 2022 : 1:48:03 PM
Hi, so this issue is back with the latest VS2022 (17.2)

With VAX enabled, find and replace is instant but it takes several seconds for the dialog box finalizing the operation to appear. If you hit escape during that time it will cancel the operation. When disabling VAX, everything works as expected.

Once again I do have a high refresh rate monitor which are really common these days (especially for those working in game dev).

Could you perhaps add this issue to your tests so that it doesn't keep popping back?
ChrisG Posted - Dec 16 2021 : 09:38:03 AM
Thanks for reporting back. A few of us here a Whole Tomato have high refresh rate monitors and we will continue monitoring for potential issues.
KRG Posted - Dec 16 2021 : 09:19:41 AM
I'm disabling via the menu entry. And yes as stated earlier in the thread I have a 165hz monitor which was the original cause of this issue in VS2019.

So with the latest VS update the issue seems to have been resolved (its still a bit slower with VAX running but its not as noticeable - 3s vs 2.5s for a search in UE5). I'll keep an eye on it.
feline Posted - Dec 16 2021 : 07:24:56 AM
When you say disabling, how are you disabling VA? Via the menu entry:

VAssistX -> Enable/Disable Visual Assist X

or via the extension manager dialog, which requires an IDE restart? The extension manager dialog is a rather more complete disabling. If just doing so via the menu entry then disabling the navigation bar will be an interesting test.

A random thought, do you have a high refresh monitor?
KRG Posted - Dec 15 2021 : 7:02:36 PM
Disabling VAX fixes the issue.

I will try to disable the navigation bar and see if that resolves it.

I was running the latest VAX and VS at the time of writing, but I'll upgrade to the last VS and see if I can repro.
ChrisG Posted - Dec 15 2021 : 01:06:22 AM
Please also try updating your copy of VS2022 to 17.0.3. Does that help with the issue? It's a recent release.
ChrisG Posted - Dec 15 2021 : 12:40:48 AM
Sorry you seem to be experiencing this issue again.

Please try disabling the VA Navigation bar by unchecking Extensions > VAssistX > Visual Assist Options > Display > Display VA Navigation Bar. Does that improve the speed?

What build of VA are you using? You can check by navigating to Help > About in the VAssistX menu.
feline Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 09:36:33 AM
As a first test, can you simply try disabling VA via:

VAssistX -> Enable/Disable Visual Assist X

to see if this stops the slow down? VA colouring could be a factor here, if so, this should stop the problem. But that doesn't explain why you are seeing this and I am not. I suspect there is an interaction between VA and something else going on here, but the trick will be finding that something else.
KRG Posted - Dec 12 2021 : 7:31:07 PM
Hey, bumping this thread as the issue is back in VS2022. Except now it's also affecting the search functionality. Disabling VAX results in near instant replace in files and text searches through large solutions. Enabling VAX results in massive delays in all operations and hangs.

4+ seconds to replace a bit of text in a 300 line file... Text search is horrifically slow with VAX enable, to the point I'm now having to use VSCode to search since I dont have 30seconds per search...
ChrisG Posted - Apr 07 2021 : 8:55:16 PM
It does. It will help us reproduce the problem. Thank you, KRG.
KRG Posted - Apr 07 2021 : 8:54:30 PM
That's exactly the issue, at 60hz it's as expected (~1s) at 165hz it takes up to a minute. Hope that helps to get it fixed.
ChrisG Posted - Apr 07 2021 : 6:57:15 PM
It's only a hunch but it could be related. Could you please try and reproduce with a 60hz refresh rate? Windows should allow you to manually set a refresh rate in the advanced display settings.
KRG Posted - Apr 07 2021 : 2:38:54 PM
Yeh, I do actually, a 165hz one...

hahaha, I think can see where this is going and what would be hilarious if its the cause...

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