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 UE5 and recompilation of UE5 source code

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Barsen Posted - Apr 30 2022 : 10:56:36 AM
Hi, first of I am trying to use visual assist with UE5 and VS 2022 - is this even supposed to work?

My problem is whenever I restart VS it takes starts scanning through all the UE5 files.

I have gone to options -> Unreal engine -> Enable support for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) -> Always

and the thing is it worked.

Until I restarted and it did the same thing again.
I then switched to Detect automatically and it worked again.

So the setting perse doesn't seem to matter - instead whatever is triggered when switching this flag makes it stop ... not sure if it really just stops or properly detects UE4 (which actually is UE5 in my case, so there is a big hint that this is not supposed to work)

So I could just do this on every startup of the IDE... is there a way to fix this?

System info:

License: trial
VA_X64.dll file version 10.9.2443.0 built 2022.01.21
DevEnv.exe version 17.1.32421.90 Community
msenv.dll version 17.0.32419.317
Comctl32.dll version 6.10.19041.1110
Windows 10 10.0 2009 Build 19043.1645
16 processors (x86-64)
Language info: 1252, 0xc07

Platform: Project defined

and then for stable includes its a 10000 line long list with paths to the UE5 engine source
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feline Posted - May 02 2022 : 06:58:21 AM
Yes, this is supposed to work, and it is working for me, and several of our users have also reported using UE 5 without problems like this.

The long stable include project defined directory list is by design, and is how this is supposed to work, since we want to treat Unreal Engine as a stable 3rd party library, even though it is part of the solution. So it gets some special handling.

First up, did you download the UE source code from github and compile it, or did you get it via the Epic Games Launcher? VA should work correctly in either case, but it can make a difference.

Which directory do you have UE installed into? Since VA seems to be picking up the UE install I am assuming UE is installed under the directory:

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\"

but I don't want to just assume this.

In your VA UE settings, what do you have:

VA Options -> Unreal Engine -> Index plugins (requires restart) = None / Referenced / All

set to? Setting this to Referenced or even None should speed up the parsing quite a lot, compared to All.

Do you work with more than one instance of Visual Studio open at a time, or only ever just one instance? VA maintains a separate symbol database for each instance you open, to stop the symbols from one instance from being suggested in a second instance. One side effect of this is that each separate instance has to parse all of the stable include directories, if they have not already been parsed. So it is possible this is a factor, but still, once UE has been parsed the once, it should not need to be parsed again this soon.

Can you please look and see if the file:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\17.xxxxx\Extensions\<random hash>\Data\Startup.log

exists on your system? The exact path varies from system to system, but this should explain it clearly enough to easily find. There may be several different directories with hashed names under Extensions, in which case you are looking for the one holding "VA_X64.dll" with the "Data" sub-directory.

If this file does exist can you please open it in a text editor and look for lines holding the text "db is corrupt"

If VA detects that its symbol database is corrupt then it is designed to reparse everything, since it cannot trust the symbol database. This should only happen very occasionally, and can be caused by the IDE crashing. So I am wondering if you are seeing any, or even several such log entries.

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