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T O P I C    R E V I E W
MaikKl Posted - Jan 25 2006 : 05:13:58 AM

is VisualAssist able to show the parameter info automatically, like in VS. The normal Studio behavior is to show parameter info when I type openening bracket (.

Next question: Beside "Update intellisense" creating browse Information (compiling with /FR) info is annoying. Do I need browse information for Visual Assist? I had observed that parameter info may not work without creating browse information. Is this observation quite correctly. Or Visual Assist support parameter info without browse information. In the VA toolbar they show the parameters but it doesn't show these while type parameters as tooltip.

Thanks for reply.

6   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
feline Posted - Jan 29 2006 : 2:46:01 PM
given this works for at least some MFC functions it suggests there is something about your project code that is confusing VA.

can you try pasting the following simple test into an existing cpp file, and see what happens?

static int calculateNumber(int nStart, int nMiddle, int nEnd)
	return (nStart + nMiddle + nEnd) / 3;

static int getCounter()
	return calculateNumber(|)

rather artificial, but all i am interested in is the parameter information tooltip. using this code on my machine i am getting the expected, and correct tooltip.

if this works for you then can you try and produce a small sample from your library code base that i can try here, to see why you are not getting these tooltips?
MaikKl Posted - Jan 27 2006 : 06:37:40 AM
Parameter info may not work.
MaikKl Posted - Jan 27 2006 : 04:55:26 AM
Hello feline,

thank you for reply. I thought also they have an own parser. And the prameters are shown in the navigation bar of VA.

I've checked your example. Curiously with MFC functions it works. But with functions from project it doesn't work.

Do you have special VA settings ?
feline Posted - Jan 26 2006 : 4:49:03 PM
in VS2005 professional with VA 1440 installed i have standard C++ project. looking in the project settings for browse information i have:

Enable Browse Information = None
Browse File = *blank*

if i type:


then a popup appears imidiately after i have typed the open bracket which shows the function parameters.

by default VA uses its own C++ parser to work out what is going on. which version of VS2005 are you using? which version of VA are you using? do you have any other plugin's installed?

does parameter info fail consistently on some functions but not on others?
MaikKl Posted - Jan 26 2006 : 05:23:28 AM

I use VC2005. "(" may not work. I hoped that I don't have to use Intellisense or BSC files from VS2005 when I have VisualAssist.

The setting (/FR or /Fr) in Project settings|C/C++|BrowseInformation is enabled by default. Is this option setted in your projects?

Sometimes "Update Intellisense" is displayed in your statebar?
feline Posted - Jan 25 2006 : 3:34:08 PM
for me, using VS2003 and C++ VA pops up the tooltip showing the function parameters after pressing (
in addition if i move into an existing function call and type a comma to add a new parameter then VA pops up the tooltip then as well, which the IDE does not do by default.

i don't know about compiling with /FR, certainly i have never manually set this on any solutions, and that has never stopped VA from working.

which language, IDE and version of VA are you using? it sounds like this lack of tooltips is a bug.

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